Release Day

My book WHAT LIES WITHIN officially released today. 

It's an odd thing to see; a great thing, too. Writing a novel had always been a life-long dream of mine, even from when I was a teenager. But it remained as a "bucket list" item, something I kept putting off, something to do at an unspecified time in the future. Plus, I'd heard - rightly or wrongly - that anyone writing a novel should wait until they were at least 40. I forget who said that, but that (mis)advice always pin-balled in my brain. 

And then I turned 40, and I thought if not now, when? So I began a long journey plunking on the keyboard, writing one novel, and then another, and then on my third, I wrote WHAT LIES WITHIN. And it seemed to click. Is it a perfect novel? No way. I am still frustrated with some things I could never get the way I wanted them to. But is it a good novel, a fun novel, a story that takes you on a thrill ride? Yes, yes and yes.

So today is its birthday. The day it enters the world and sinks or swims, and faces small victories and defeats. I've done what I can for this book-baby of mine, and I'm really proud of what its become, and in turn, what the book did for me: it showed me a path. Maybe not one filled with riches and trophies, but a much larger victory. 

If there is any moral to this story, it's don't wait. Take that bucket list and start ticking off those items. And if the spirit moves you, why not pick up a copy of WHAT LIES WITHIN?