Double-dipping on Kindle Scout

I’m doing the double-dip. Call me greedy, but I’m trying my hand again with Amazon’s reader-powered publishing program Kindle Scout with my next novel MELOPHOBIA.

Many of you already know that a few months ago, I campaigned for my young adult thriller WHAT LIES WITHIN, and to my utter delight, it was selected. (As of this posting, it had an average 3.98 rating on Goodreads.)

The course of events after its selection was beyond anything I could have imagined. The team behind Kindle Scout were responsive, helpful, professional – and nice people to boot. My book even got a spit-shine copyedit, and I (virtually) met and learned best-practices from a group of other talented Kindle Scout winners. In nearly every way, the experience has been positive, and one I’d love to repeat.

So when I finished polishing up my second novel set in a world where music was illegal, I had no hesitation about submitting it again. Will it be selected? I can only hope. But here’s how you can help: vote.

Please, take a moment and check out the link, and see what you think:

I love sharing what I believe is a unique rollercoaster ride of a story. I think you’ll enjoy it. Help me bring this book to life for readers across the globe!