Coming Soon: Melophobia

Melophobia means “fear or hatred of music.”  Who knew there was even such a term? It’s also the title of my second book from Kindle Press, available on September 22.

Though it may seem to readers that I pumped out a second book in record time (my first, WHAT LIES WITHIN, was published in June by Kindle Press) that is certainly not the case. WHAT LIES WITHIN may have been my first published novel, but it was actually the third one I wrote.

MELOPHOBIA was the second, and I wrote a first draft of the manuscript about 4 years ago. I queried agents, but no dice. I was repeatedly told that “books about music” didn’t sell. And so it sat. Disappointed, I set it aside and began working on WHAT LIES WITHIN. That book subsequently got me an agent, and the rest is history (such as it is).

While WHAT LIES WITHIN was going through the copyediting process, I picked up MELOPHOBIA and dusted it off. I like to think I’ve become a better writer with each book, and I attacked it with a vengeance. I tweaked, cut, and expanded. I breathed life into scenes, and scaled back others. I also tracked down and purchased the rights to use a few song lyrics, which I felt were crucial for a story set in a world where music is illegal.

And though the subject matter takes place in an alternate history, I think it speaks to our lives now. It’s been called New Adult suspense, and I guess that helps put it in a category. I’d rather call it a story about identity, about a young woman who has to decide what’s important in her life and what path to choose. Kind of like us all, really.

Every parent loves their children equally, but maybe in different ways. I love MELOPHOBIA because it’s the book that refused to die; it’s the book that defied the publishing Powers That Be; and it’s a book with a ton of heart. I’m its parent, and of course, I love it. But I think you will, too. It’s on pre-sale now, and it goes wide on September 22. My birthday is on the 26th, so I’ll take that as an early b-day gift!