My Book’s 1st Birthday

A little over a year ago, I entered my dystopian novel Melophobia, which is set in a world where music is illegal, into the Kindle Scout program. It was chosen for publication, and it entered the digital data stream in September 2015. Since then, it’s garnered over 138 ratings on Goodreads, trending near the 4.0 mark. I’ve been really happy with its reception, as well as the promotions that Amazon has done for it, which has expanded my readership beyond anything I could’ve done on my own.

I think the worst thing to happen to writers – or anyone, really – is expectation. Every writer has hopes that their book will rocket to the top of the charts, trend on Twitter, and eventually woo Hollywood. No, none of these things happened, and there is nothing better than a little humbling to keep the ego in check. In the place of stellar fame, however, I’ve discovered pockets of readers who are passionate about the book, from the Philippines to Brazil, and it’s been this groundswell of readers that has made my heart sing. They found the book, not with a massive marketing push from New York, but through their own efforts to try a new book by a relatively new author.  And while I may have nudged my book along the way, these readers found me, and I am ever grateful.

I continue to write books – some in a variety of different genres – and hope to have more stories to share soon. But for now, I wanted to wish a Happy Birthday to Melophobia, as well as all the readers who wrote reviews, commented, and shared on social media. I thank you all!