By Any Means

It’s difficult to say where ideas come from. There are theories about the collective unconscious. Or maybe I saw something in the news that piqued my interest. I can’t really say where the idea for my latest book By Any Means came from. All I knew is that one day I started rolling in my mind a “what if,” which, I guess, is how most ideas come into being.

What if, like a superhero, you had an ability that could save millions of lives, but in doing so, you would die? Would you make the ultimate sacrifice for the greater good? Jesus did, but who among us is Jesus? I’m sure we all have a fantasy of saying yes to that question. (I’m a good person, right? But wait, I sure do love the beach and a BBQ in the summer. Maybe if I wait a day…)

Once I had that idea I started thinking, how could I ground this idea? Who would have that ability? And I thought: what if it’s a kid who doesn’t have the wisdom yet, or even the legal recourse, to make that decision for himself? An adult in his life would have to make that decision.

And then I wondered who would that adult be? Maybe a father, but a dysfunctional one. A single father. And that gave rise to their tumultuous relationship. And from there, it was off to the races.

I admit, it’s a hard sell to say to someone, “Hey, read this book. It’s about this kid with cancer, but he may have the cure for cancer in his body.” I’d think no one would want to read a book about a kid with cancer, but I guess John Green’s The Fault In Our Stars proved me wrong.

My own father died of the disease. So I’m very aware of people’s emotional reaction to a book with that topic. I want to say to any reader: this book is not about watching a child die from cancer. This is fiction, a good yarn, and hopefully well-written, that tells the story of a father and son on the run, up against all odds. And how some terrible events have a way of bringing people closer.

I hope you’ll give the book a chance. You can find it on Amazon. Here’s the link:

Thanks, readers everywhere!